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The Following page is a list of some of the field trials performed using Nano-Gro™. The common factor all the trials share is the significant improvements observed on the plants treated with Nano-Gro™. The samples below were selected because of their diversity in terms of crops tested as well as geographical region. Additionally, some trials, like the ones in Russia and the US were performed by research laboratories, while other trials were conducted by private companies, such as the Chinese and Moldovan experiments.

Experiments and field trials are ongoing as we continually explore the many applications of Nano-Gro™. Please feel free to Contact Us if you'd like to find out about some of the latest research regarding the product.


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In the United States different laboratories performed trials on container tomato, baby corn and spring wheat.


Included in this report are several test results from the Russian Scientific-Technology Center of Continuous Education for Agriculture Professionals. They focused on the immunological properties of using Nano-Gro™.


A private company in China tested efficacy of Nano-Gro™ on three different leafy plants: Coriander, Garland Chrysanthemum, and Colza.


The trials performed in Moldova demonstrated the significant improvements delivered by Nano-Gro™ when applied to tomatoes and cucumbers.


A whole series of grain and cereal trials were performed in the Ukraine. The following is a summary table comparing Nano-Gro™ treated plants to a control.


These are a sampling of trials performed to test the effects of Nano-Gro™. Feel free to Contact Us for more information regarding the product or if you would like to test the product yourself.


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